20th Anniversary IPA

20thTwo decades of brewing beer in Central Oregon deserves a mighty celebration. To help us do just that, we’ve created our finest, limited-edition IPA. It’s brewed in our new 25-barrel brewhouse, in Redmond’s first and finest craft brewery, using only local ingredients. We’re proud of our humble beginnings and raise a glass to you… Thanks for enjoying Cascade Lakes for 20 years. Cheers!

Grain: 2-row, Munich malt, light crystal malt
Hops: Citra, Liberty and Centennial
Available 6 pack, 50L Draft

6.4% ABV
82 IBUs
1.064 original gravity
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Cascadian Dark Ale

cascadianHave you ever been caught out on the trail after dark?  Maybe not what you expected, but it does add to the adventure.  Here is a brew that may catch you by surprise; it looks like a porter, but tastes very hoppy with just a trace of roasted malt character.  That is what a Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA) is all about.  Substantial malt backing up abundant NW hops with an unexpected darkness defines this style of beer.

Grain: 2-row, Munich, Crystal, Carafa III
Hops: Warrior, Galaxy, Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo
Available seasonally in 22 oz bottles, draft

6.7% ABV
120 IBUs
1.068 original gravity
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IRA (India Red Ale)

If you’ve visited Bend’s pub-centric Westside or rode the nearby trails, you’ve seen the Phoenix Rising. In the same creative and inventive spirit, we offer IRA. Inspired by the IPA category, this ale is high in hops and caramel flavors from Munich and crystal malts. Cheers to artists like Frank Boyden who’ve made Bend a bit more colorful.

Grains: 2-Row, Munich, Crystal
Hops: Warrior, Willamette, Cascade & German Tettnager
Available: Jun 1 – Sept 1
Available seasonally in 12 oz bottles, draft

6.8% ABV
78 IBUs
1.070 original gravity
1.018 final gravity


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Paulina Lake Pilsner

Paulina Lake Pilsner is a classic German style Pilsner. Light straw in color and well hopped with European noble hops, this beer is fermented to a low final gravity. This leads to a beer with few residual sugars to create a dry crisp lager with higher hop bitterness and aroma than your typical American Lager.

Grains: Pilsner
Hops: Czech Saaz
Available in 22 oz bottles, draft

4.5% ABV
34 IBUs
1.045 original gravity
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Project X

Unlabeled kegs. Mysterious hop varieties. Brewers acting suspiciously. After months cloaked in secrecy, we proudly unveil our classic NW Pale Ale, Project X. Experience this full flavored ale with intense floral hop aroma derived from Mt.Hood, Cascade & German Tettnanger hops.

Grains: 2-Row, Crisp, Munich, Cara
Hops: Mt.Hood, Cascade & German Tettnanger
Available: Feb 1 – June 1
Available seasonally in 12 oz bottles, draft

5.6% ABV
41 IBUs
1.056 original gravity
1.015 final gravity
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Riverside Red

This Red Ale exhibits a copper red color provided by generous amounts of three kinds of crystal malt. These malts also lend a substantial malty character that is balanced by three different American hop varieties, resulting in a full-bodied ale that as a vigorous American hop presence.

Grain: Pale, Crystal & Cara-pils
Hops: Centennial, Amarillo & Cascade
Available in pubs seasonally

5.5% ABV
42 IBUs
1.054 original gravity
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Slippery Slope

Our full-bodied ale uses crystal malt and generous amounts of cascade hops to produce a well-balanced seasonal ale. So, whether your slippery slope is a mountain or your sidewalk, this ale makes an excellent companion.

Grains: 2-row, Crystal 120, Chocolate, Honey
Hops: Cascade
Available: October 1 – Feb 1
Available seasonally in 12 oz bottles, draft

6.4% ABV
50 IBUs
1.064 original gravity
1.016 final gravity
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Snow Park Pale Ale

snoparkSnow Park is a Pale Ale that is a refreshing break from the larger products regularly offered in the cold season. Light and crisp with a gentle hint of fine hop aroma, it’s a great choice after some fun winter activity at any of our local snow parks. Cheers!

Grain: 2-Row Pale malt, Crystal and Munich malt
Hops: Cascade, Liberty, Willamette and Centennial

5.0% ABV
38 IBUs
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Waist Deep Weiss

Pronounced “vice” this is a genuine example of a traditional German wheat beer. Through the use of a special strain of yeast from Germany we have been able to create a truly outstanding wheat beer. With hints of banana and clove this beer doesn’t need to be served with a lemon!

Grains: 2-Row, Wheat
Hops: Crystal
Available in pubs seasonally

5% ABV
14 IBUs
1.050 original gravity
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