Blonde Bombshell

As the name implies, this is one knock-out of a beer. Brewed to be a light bodied, refreshing ale, Blonde Bombshell combines subtle malt and wheat flavors with a delicate Liberty hop aroma to create a sensational beer. Originally brewed as a seasonal, this beer was so popular it pushed its way into our regular line-up.

Grains: 2 Row, Wheat
Hops: Liberty

4% ABV
26 IBUs
1.040 original gravity
1.008 final gravity


Named after the enormous Brown Trout found in Northwest streams, this beer lives up to the legend. 20″ Brown is medium bodied and has an extremely complex malty character. Using 6 varieties of Northwest grown malt, we created a masterpiece of color, aroma and flavor. Set your hook in one of these and you won’t be disappointed!

Grains: 2-Row, Vienna, Crystal, Chocolate, Victory
Hops: Willamette, Centennial

5.3% ABV
35 IBUs
1.053 original gravity
1.013 final gravity

Paddleboard Porter

Inspired by the world class river and lake paddle boarding in Central Oregon, this is a medium bodied, robust porter with chocolate and black malt roast character.  This beer finishes extremely dry with a hint of Willamette Hops to create a perfectly balanced porter.

Grains: 2-Row, Chocolate, Crystal, Black
Hops: Willamette

5.4% ABV
34 IBUs
1.056 original gravity
1.014 final gravity

Cyclops IPA

For the hop lover in us all, we present Cyclops IPA.
The substantial gravity is met by a cornucopia of 5 hop varieties, which yield striking flavor and aroma, that results in one of the more balanced and aromatic IPA offerings you’ll wrap your hands around.

Grain: 2- Row Pale malt, Crystal and Munich
Hops: Warrior, Willamette, Liberty, Cascade and Centennial

6.9% ABV
65 IBUs
1.071 original gravity
1.017 final gravity

IRA (India Style Red Ale)

If you’ve visited Bend’s pub-centric Westside or rode the nearby trails, you’ve seen the Phoenix Rising. In the same creative and inventive spirit, we offer IRA. Inspired by the IPA category, this ale is high in hops and caramel flavors from Munich and crystal malts. Cheers to artists like Frank Boyden who’ve made Bend a bit more colorful.

Grains: 2-Row, Munich, Crystal
Hops: Warrior, Willamette, Cascade & German Tettnager
Available year around in 22oz bottles
Available seasonally Jun 1 – Sept 1 in 12 oz bottles, draft

6.8% ABV
78 IBUs
1.070 original gravity
1.018 final gravity